A christmas carol

A Christmas Carol features a gamble feature, which can double your winnings. This feature allows you to double your money if you guess correctly, but you need to make a decision before you start gambling. The slot also features two types of free spins. A young Ghost of Christmas Past awards the player with a set of Past Spins. In this bonus round, the reels spin backwards in time. This bonus round will guarantee a line win.

A Christmas Carol is one of Dickens’s best known novels. It is also referred to as A Ghost Story of the Christmas season. It was first published by Chapman and Hall in 1843 and was illustrated by John Leech. It is a classic tale about love, friendship, and forgiveness. It is a perfect holiday read for children, adults, and book lovers. While the book is often considered to be too dark for younger readers, older readers will surely enjoy it.

The story begins when Ebenezer Scrooge returns home to find a dark apartment. He receives a visitation from the ghost of his deceased partner, Jacob Marley. He looks emaciated and is laden with chains. He tells him about his punishment, and how he deserved it for his selfishness and greed. He hopes to save Scrooge, and tells him that he is going to receive three visits over the next three nights.